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How to insert videos into PowerPoint PowerPoint provides the option for you to insert a video onto a slide and play it during your presentation. This is a great way to make your presentation more interesting and engaging for your audience. You can even edit the video within PowerPoint and also customize its appearance. For example, you can add effects, trim, and much more.   To insert a video from a file: First, open the slide in which you want to add the video. You can
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Usage of SmartArt in PowerPoint You can use the SmartArt option in PowerPoint to easily incorporate charts and many other types of diagrams into presentations. A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of ideas and information, and a chart is a visual illustration of numeric data or value. With SmartArt in PowerPoint, you don’t have to individually create all the shapes and connectors between boxes in a diagram. While charts are designed for numbers, SmartArt graphics are designed for
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Usage of all Charts in PowerPoint A chart is a tool that you can use to communicate data graphically. Including a chart in a presentation allows your audience to see the meaning behind the numbers, which makes it easy to visualize comparisons and trends. Types of charts PowerPoint has different kinds of charts from which you can choose the one that fits your data in the best way. But to use charts effectively, you will first have to understand how and when different charts are used. Column
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  Changing the data in charts/diagrams in PowerPoint for Windows While inserting a new chart in PowerPoint, you might see an instance of the Excel sheet containing some model data for your chart jumps up in the PowerPoint. You have to change the data within that small part of excel sheet to auto-update the changes on the chart on your slide. This small Excel sheet that stores your data has no separate existence. There is no separate Excel sheet saved containing your data and is
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Option A Select ‘Design’ tab from the toolbar at the top. In a pop-up bar the big field with ‘Variants’ preview represents color themes ‘Colors’. Select ‘Colors’ button to preview the results of the color scheme changes (by pointing) or click on the theme you need to apply for each slide of your PowerPoint presentation.   Option B In the slide master editing mode (View>Slide Master) at the top toolbar you will find ‘Colors’ button. Use it to view a result
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How to use slide master in PowerPoint PowerPoint presentations hold a crucial role in healthcare, education and business strategies. Visual representation of data or information gets perceived by the brain more readily than any other means. This gives PowerPoint presentations an edge over other methods of information exchange. Plus, nowadays PowerPoint comes with a host of animations and visual effects that will help to capture the audience's mind even more. But still preparing an