How to install Slidebazaar plugin

Install a PowerPoint plugin or an add-in Add-ins or plugins are supplemental programs that add commands or features to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. You can obtain add-ins for PowerPoint from or third-party vendor websites, or you can write and edit your own custom add-in programs by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can install

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How to insert videos into PowerPoint

How to insert videos into PowerPoint PowerPoint provides the option for you to insert a video onto a slide and play it during your presentation. This is a great way to make your presentation more interesting and engaging for your audience. You can even edit the video within PowerPoint and also customize its appearance. For example, you can add

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Usage of smart arts in PowerPoint

Usage of SmartArt in PowerPoint You can use the SmartArt option in PowerPoint to easily incorporate charts and many other types of diagrams into presentations. A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of ideas and information, and a chart is a visual illustration of numeric data or value. With SmartArt in PowerPoint, you don’t have to individually

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