Install a PowerPoint plugin or an add-in

Add-ins or plugins are supplemental programs that add commands or features to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. You can obtain add-ins for PowerPoint from or third-party vendor websites, or you can write and edit your own custom add-in programs by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can install add-ins in PowerPoint using the Add-in Manager.

There are a lot of add-ins or plugins available for the PowerPoint with different functions our use, and we can install the ones which are of use to us. To install some plugins, your system must meet specific prerequisites and system requirements.


  • Ensure that your Windows has the latest updates installed. Go to Control Panel and click Windows Update. If any updates are available, then click Install Updates to install them. Restart your computer to install any outstanding Windows Updates fully.

System needs

  • Microsoft office

Check if you have the latest version Microsoft Office:

The latest version of some of the Add-in works only on Office 2016, Office 2013, and Office 2010 (PC only).

Most of the plugins do not support office 365, Office 2007, Office Online and Office for Mac (including Office 2016 for Mac).

  • OS

Ensure that your PC is running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7.

Most of the Add-in is not compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or on a Mac.

If you want to use the Add-in on a Mac, you’ll require a virtual machine (VM)

Hackers can use Office add-ins to execute malicious code on your computer. This is a serious threat to organizations of any type and size, so make sure that you only install plugins/add-ins if it’s very important and always get them from trusted reliable sources.

How to install the PowerPoint plugin

  • Download the plugin from the web. For installing the Slidebazaar plugin, you can download it from this site
  • After you have downloaded the file, the next process is installation. While trying to install the Slidebazaar plugin, warnings may pop up. You can ignore the warnings and continue with the installation as Slidebazaar is a trusted site.
  • Open the PowerPoint after the plugin is successfully installed on your computer.
  • Once you have opened the software, you will be able to view a Slidebazaar Tab at the top right end of the screen. Click it





  • Now click the user icon from the Slidebazaar tab, after which a popup box will appear.
  • Enter the Slidebazaar account login details in the box, which is your Username and password





  • After entering the correct login details, press LOGIN
  • Once you have logged in the Slidebazaar, the Template Tab besides the User Tab which was previously highlighted will become clearly



  • Click the Template Tab and small box will be opened on the screen displaying all the templates you will ever need.
  • Select the template of you need and edit it the way you prefer. Enjoy the Slidebazaar plugin.

For the user’s convenience, a search box is provided so that you can search the template you need from the lot. Also, you can choose the category of templates you need to view, and then select from them.

NOTE: Even after installation, the Slidebazaar plugin might not be visible in the PowerPoint software, in case you have kept the software opened through the installation process.

If that happens, close the PowerPoint software completely and then re-open it. The plugin will be loaded and will work perfectly.

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